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Cold Plasmas for Health: Surgery without cutting and "bloodless scalpels" are now becoming a reality through cold plasmas that can inactivate bacteria through a combination of free radicals, charged particles, and UV, which work together to disrupt the integrity of bacterial cell membranes. In October, 2007, the first International Conference on Plasma Medicine was held to share advances in this cutting-edge field (Physics Today Dec. 2007 issue, pp. 23-25).


Plasma Solutions:
  Municipal waste — Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC Richland, Washington ( IET )
  Display systems — Fujitsu General Limited, Japan ( Fujitsu Plasmavision )
  Cutting & welding — Arcraftplasma Plasma Sakinaka, Mumbai, India ( Arcraftplasma )
  High-efficiency lighting — Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Massachusetts ( Sylvania )

Fascinating Fact:
  Plasmas are not just the "fourth state of matter" - they are really the first state in modern cosmology,
and they continue to be, by far, the dominant state of visible matter in the universe; perhaps also of invisible matter as well of so-called "dark matter" continues to remain unobserved and unexplained.

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